People aren’t always able to communicate effectively through their writing and visuals. That’s where Justine comes in, with bells on.

She’s able to enhance the text and graphics of others by applying her own artfulness, editing, and proofreading – like a boss! She’s also capable of managing company communications. A creative spirit has no bounds.

computer  BLOGGER

Previously a regular contributor for Talent Zoo’s Beneath the Brand blog, Justine is able to wade in the waters of the marketing and branding world.

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edit  TUTOR

With 44+ hours of tutoring to date, Justine has maintained a 5-star rating as an online writing tutor.

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briefcase  VEEP

As the former VP of an online writing community, Justine played many roles. Social Media Coordinator, Copy Editor, Digital Designer, and Podcaster, were just a few.

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heart  PHOTOG

Justine is an active contributor of Unsplash’s photography community. She’s earned over 502,000 views and nearly 4,000 downloads of her photos.

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